Business Advertising Lessons Learned From 5 Fantastic Commercials – Learn From the Masters

If you’ve engaged in any sort of education since you left school, it probably struck you how much effort is involved in actually forcing information to stay in your brain! Depending on your area of learning, you may have also noticed that you can spend quite a lot of time learning the theory behind a particular skill, and then feel that it was all wasted when you ultimately go to practice those skills. Having a good example, inspiration or mentor can be worth a thousand hours of theory learning and a hundred A+ assessments. If you’re trying to get your head around business advertising (especially small business advertising), it can be far more effective to emulate than to try to become your own expert. Today we look at some lessons from five highly rated pieces of business advertising, to help you get your own business brand out there in the best possible light… without all the learning!

OPSM Love Eyes Commercial

This piece of business advertising makes people want to be a part of it… it takes a simple activity that we have all dazed out on at one time or another (throwing a ball or balloon around), and created it on an imaginative and very fun scale. Make people want to be part of your business advertising, and they’ll want to be part of your business… even from the customer side!

McDonalds Playland TVC

The documentary, ‘real’ feel of this advertising really works in its favour. The people aren’t pretty, they’re real… the colors aren’t overly polished, and the visuals don’t seem scripted. You don’t need to go the ‘safe’ corporate route in advertising to have it work for you!

Volkswagen’s Dedicated Followers of Noone TVC

This ad gets a consistent 5 stars from industry professionals everywhere it is reviewed. The message is that the car lets you be yourself – and the time, effort (and yes, funding) that went into the campaign micro site for this business advertising is a major part of the campaign.

Deaf Children Australia

Of course, it is far easier to stir your viewer’s emotions with your advertising when you have an emotive subject… take another look at your business and try to find the ‘Nawh!’ factor in what your products or services do.

Visa Push It Commercial

Music is a big part of advertising, but you don’t necessarily have to make up your own jingle for your small business advertising… chances are that there’s already a song out there that encapsulates your message (with a bit of meaning twisting!). You’ll get to capitalise on all the existing emotions associated with the song; the only downside to using this tactic in your business advertising is that it is expensive. Look to smaller (yet still popular artists). Licensing songs from bands like The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson for advertising can cost anywhere from $25,000 up to $100,000+ depending on how high profiles they are. You could get your customers bopping along just as hard with a newer song (and far less money!).

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