Online Local Business Advertising Catching With Tri – Media Advertising

Four to five years ago, local business advertising was considered unprofitable and could not catch up the number of consumer interest compared to TV commercials, radio advertising, and print advertising. These are commonly known as tri-media advertising but a couple of years ago, there was a rapidly growing trend regarding online advertising. Now, more and more customers are learning how to use the internet and use search engines to find out the information that they need.

It’s obvious that if you are an internet-based company, your business advertising should be through the internet. The internet’s marketing capabilities are not only for online-based businesses. Even if you have offline services or products, online advertising is also a viable option to generate leads and sales and that is an advantage compared to tri-media advertising. In online local business advertising, most of your customers are middle class and you can be sure that they have buying power. Your only problem is how to convert them as buyers from just being visitors.

Tri-media is more of a shot-in-the-dark strategy. It doesn’t consider the social status of customers and can work on any social status. While in online advertising, you should be more targeted on who are your buyers. You need to target the people who are looking for your product or what a particular group of customers are looking for. Here are some comparisons to tri-media:

1. Online local business advertising doesn’t need a huge investment. When using tri-media advertising from TV to radio to print you need big investments for a 30-minute ad for just one day. On the other hand, online local business advertising would only need a small amount of funds to get you started. In search engines like Google, you could start right away on a $20 budget a day. Currently Google is the biggest online advertising platform in the net and it is called Adwords.

2. In online advertising if your product becomes a hit locally, you can easily scale your business and dominate other territories beyond your demographics. You can even scale your business worldwide, especially if you want to promote you local tourist spot or any travel related business. This is very viable and cost effective.

3. The main purpose of marketing and advertising your product or service is for it to be known to your local target customers. However, with online advertising, it does not limit your visitors to just know your brand and products because more valuable information is provided.

The only requirement in doing your online local advertising is to have a website that works properly. It should contain your presell articles and relevant quality content for your visitors. In this way, you could build trust to your customers because you add value to them.

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